In Hiding!!!

hiding So it’s been another decade since I posted up my thoughts. Since October it has just been crazy with some of my dearest friends getting married and that also back to back. Getting my clothes in order for their wedding has been another affair with my designer.

So just when I thought, I will have a laid back time, with a book, coffee and movies with friends – there comes along another stream of news of those who are getting fixed to run around the pyre for the next year.

Sometimes it just feels like people are ‘seriously’ in a hurry to get into the domesticity of life and they apparently seems to have a ‘this is the right time’ verbatim running across their lips every time this subject comes up!!

Considering now I am becoming the next target for a lot of eyes, wherever I go – it kinda makes me get into a burkha which has a “Do Not Touch Me” sign outside. Geesh!! It freaks me out when I see people eyeing me out of curiosity in weddings …you can so make out from their eye brows, the red New York Stock Exchange ticker that is running in their head – “is she hooked, or is she single”? “Which Caste would she belong to”? Blah Blah!!!

I would say that my experience to spot ‘hunter aunties’ in these social events has gone up. So now I am able to fend to my safety in the right nick of time. I have been successful in holding up on a guys hand right in the nick of time then turning around and give them my most broadest grin ever. The happiness just gleams from my face, when I see them giving their disappointed smile, blessing me for what I have.

I have noticed, these species apparently are not scarce and are definitely not close to extinction either. The hunter aunties have still not been able to scare me the way my friends do. I get emails with subject lines stating “You are so Next” with an accompanying body text that say “Your Days are numbered“. Lord have mercy!! Please don’t make this the last day that I live my life on!

The fact, is that its not freaky…but conversation sure turns out to be a script from Ramsay Brothers…I may have my reservations about the ‘time being right’, its also about the ‘right person for you’ that suits your personality.

So there I wish all you guys, a blessed beginning to 2010 and may all of you singles find those ‘hunter aunties’ everywhere you go!!

Happy 2010 folks!!! until I re-surface again….


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9 Comments on “In Hiding!!!”

  1. poettraveler Says:

    I enjoyed reading this! It’s topical. Your witty, and sage, view on ‘life’ where you are and as you experience it is fascinating. It’s gripping in a way that many erudite observations tend to be. Thanks for sharing. I hope we don’t have to wait another decade to read your next ‘chapter’ 🙂

    Happy 2010 to you too! … until you surface again 🙂

    Regards and best wishes,
    Writer & Poet

    • deepsm25 Says:

      Thanks John!!!! Welcome to Empowering Roots!!!

      I sure do hope and will try not breaking my ‘new year resolution’ which ideally should be broken..or its no fun…to make you wait on my next chapter!!

      Thanks for visiting and stopping by to leave your valuable insights on the posts!!! Have a blessed 2010!!! 🙂

      • poettraveler Says:

        You’re very welcome! I’ll add you to my blogroll and follow your blog, that way I can see what happens over the decade 🙂

        I guess I should pen a poem (because that’s what I do) about all of this and here it is:

        Beware of being caste out or in
        or hunted with an auntie-pin.: )
        I know you’re clever, cuz I’ve read
        all the clever things you’ve said! 🙂

        Have a blessed 2010!!! 🙂

        John 🙂

        • deepsm25 Says:

          Wow…That was hilarious and funny!! Had this really big smile and lets say grin on my face!!!

          Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I will be doing the same. I am looking to move my blog to a new once I do that….I will have everything new!

          Look forward to popping over at yours soon!!! 🙂 It was nice meeting up here!!

  2. shibani Says:

    I will still say ur next…& my mom is one of those hunter aunties…who’ll be after u or rather is after u

    • deepsm25 Says:

      Dude…your mom is no where being even close to having any of those ‘hunter aunty’ traits!!!!! You seriously need to experience these types to know what on earth I am talking about!! Its like they have a fishing rod whereever they go….!!!!

  3. Reema Says:

    LOL 😀 u can run but u cant hide 😛 Happy New Year!

  4. poettraveler Says:

    Thanks for your kindness and goodwill – and your smile/grin, deepsm25.
    I’m glad you liked my on-the-spot rhyme 🙂
    Looking forward to you popping by soon. It was nice meeting you here too.

    John 🙂 aka poettraveler

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