Ubuntu – I Am Because You Are

A concept, that I was introduced at Sanity Found. What really got me attracted to this concept was its tag line and Meaning “I Am Because You Are”. It’s powerful when you hear some one say it and the entire feeling of this one tag line with mere five words in it goes to say and mean quite a lot.

What would Ubuntu mean to me? In one line, it means to people all the people in my life who have loved me unconditionally – My friends, my family, my mentors, my tutors, my coaches – everyone who comes here and reads my blogs and comments.

People have been parts of my past have contributed in their own way in the past; to make my present. People who form my present are contributing to make my future. No matter who ever you are and where you are located, the mere relationship with you even if it’s for a mean second is making me who I am.

It’s your kindness, your brutal honesty, your feedback, your love, your gifts, your touch and that presence of a feeling that you exist in my life makes me who I am. People need people to help them be successful – doesn’t matter if you are related or complete strangers to them.

You may not be even aware that you would have been a reason for someone else’s success as well. It’s all a chain all connected by that feeling of something being present in all of us -a connection or a bond if I had to put some words to describe it.

This post on “I Am Because You Are” is my way of saying Thank You for being who you have been to me all this while – a friend, a foe, an acquaintance or a family member; doesn’t matter what your relationship with me is – “I Am Because You Are”.

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13 Comments on “Ubuntu – I Am Because You Are”

  1. SanityFound Says:

    This is just beautiful Deeps, seriously beautiful and touching. Life is ubuntu and we are nothing without each other. Wow!

  2. deepsm25 Says:


    Thanks Babe, all thanks to you 🙂 I want my new logo now!

  3. neilina Says:

    Really, these 5 words say so many things! Just filled me with emotions 🙂

  4. Deeps: your post is really what it is all about……. Absolutely beautiful… that badge certainly belongs here…..with you…….

  5. Reema Says:

    Wonderful!! I really love the way u write..short but deep.

  6. deepsm25 Says:

    Thank You Neilina. I am glad you liked it.

    Thanks so much gurl. I sooo wanted the new badge.

    Thanks a lot Reema.

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  9. Perx Says:

    u also know that ubuntu is a linux distro, right?

  10. deepsm25 Says:


    Hi Perx, welcome to my blog. Nope, I wasn’t aware of the same. Btw, what is a linux distro? By linux you mean, linux the operating system?

  11. Perx Says:

    yes… linux the operating system has a distro, or type, or flavor, called ubuntu.. infact when i first opened this page i thought it was about that ubuntu, but it seemed like a weird to say along with the name of an os 😛

  12. […] for me to get to know through her blog.  Interesting and always enlightening.  Her spirit of Ubuntu comes through in the words that she uses in such a loving and genuine way.  She is a person who […]

  13. […] such words! This journey would have been impossible without YOU – my reader! As Deeps said in her post “I Am Because You Are”. And also the bloggers who made me blog in the first place. […]

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