The Slow Down…

image So a lot of people are wondering, why I have not been blogging off late. Well, there has been loads that has been happening at this point in time which has completely taken the time of my hands.

There has been work challenges, along with personal ones – and there is that perfect blend of having good times and sharing the bad ones with people whom you love. There is a breeze of sunshine and rain altogether at one time.

I miss reading up on all of your blogs guys and miss responding to those comments. I absolutely intend continuing my rendezvous with this part of my world. I have some amazing adventures lined up in the next coming months and will be on for posting about those.

Till such time, do keep me posted with all the happenings in all of your lives and I will surely be in touch and respond.

It’s not Adios….but its Cya soon for now!!!


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2 Comments on “The Slow Down…”

  1. Hi sis!

    I am glad you did a check in here at least; I miss your perspective and words of wisdom! Yet, I understand how life can get so hectic that our focus needs to be elsewhere; it sounds like you are living your life, which is the time best spent, and all the more to write about later on!

    Enjoy, and will talk with you soon!!! Hugs, Vanessa

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