image So as promised, I am back with updates on what’s been really happening. Starting with first things first.

The past months have been really busy and hectic. My Sony Bravia LCD conked off, just a week after its year’s warranty expired. It has now been nearly over 2 months, but Sony has really done quite nothing about it. The visit to the service center and the numerous calls had put in perspective that the entire panel in the machine was defective and it would needed to be replaced. It was promised that the panel would take two weeks to come from Singapore.

Every time, we would be the ones to call and follow up and they just giving those lame updates of it getting resolved within the next “three days” every time. The were replacing the planning at a cost of 20 grand that also without any warranty or guarantee. I mean, isn’t Sony supposed to be this prestigious brand promoting good consumer products and service?

We went ahead and paid the part amount to get the panel replaced. It took them over a month to replace the faulty panel, that also after those numerous phone calls and emails. Finally, the panel was replaced and the TV delivered to us, only to realize after two days, that there still seems to be this perpendicular red line running right in the center of the screen. We did a stop payment on the second half of the cheque immediately. When the Service Center realized this, this head of the service center calls us up and screams right on top of his voice as to how could we do that. I sternly told him, that he needs to mild his tone down and this isn’t the way, a representative of such an esteemed organization would speak to its customers. His tone just went even more harsh and he was nearly screeching and threatening over the phone that he would not send his mechanic till the full amount is paid.

This provoked me to send a really nice email to the Head and them apologizing for his behavior – but till date the situation is unresolved. Now it seems the panel has to be replaced again and this time from Delhi and it has already been nearly three weeks since we were told that.

I can’t believe my experience with Sony turned out to be so crappy! I used to be a fan of Sony Products but not anymore. With time and my experience I have realized that it is just their brand name that they are taking full advantage of with nothing but Vacuum in reality. I was really looking to buy a Sony SLR, but my plans have long changed.

I will NEVER EVER Buy a SONY again; we can understand if the product at times can turn out to be faulty but there can JUST NOT BE ANY EXCUSE for not giving that customer service and comfort to any customers; especially those who have been made to go through this ordeal.

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6 Comments on “NEVER EVER BUY SONY!!”

  1. Reema Says:

    Ohh I had a good impression about Sony!

  2. Shibani Says:

    Well I agree wth u deeps…I am lookng for an opprtunity to get rid of my Sony camera which is just about an year old…& has already been to the service center twice… an absolute no no for sony….

  3. tobeme Says:

    You said it all, you understand when a part goes bad, that is acceptable, the customer service experience is what soured you against Sony not the product. Big lesson for big and small business.

  4. I agree with you Deep. I am having a harrowing time getting my music system serviced. Sony service center people took 20 days to pick the system from my place promising everyday that it will be picked today. Now even after receiving a call 3 days ago that it is serviced, I am waiting it to be delivered. I have 2 Sony products bought only because of brand name but no more after going though this pathetic service they provide.

  5. BlowMeSony Says:

    I just spent 3 hours on the phone with Sony. I spoke with 9 different people. 4 said they were managers. None were. I loved busting up my dead PS3. Sony, NEVER AGAIN YOU F%&KS!!!!!!

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