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Derived Inspiration.

February 29, 2008

I have been reading a lot of others people’s blogs on word press and it amazes me what all people have gone through in their life. While some have lost their most dear and loved ones and are finally realizing the value of their loss, some people are blogging about a sudden demise of their colleague who had a four yr old son, while some of them are talking about their drunken escapades with complete strangers on the beach while going through a complete messy divorce, while some are posting pictures about their newly knitted sweaters – which I found really cute 🙂

Some of the blogs are giving me some inner strength to share the same with some of my close friends so that even they derive some meaning out of real peoples life’s and come to a conclusion that I mostly have failed to instill in them that we are still blessed in comparison to a lot of people. I have been sending out numerous links with such articles over emails to some very close friends. Not sure, if they really think, I am becoming a maniac – which they would think about me anyways 😉

My friends may deem this as my way of enjoying reading depressing stories, it’s actually not that. It just gives you insights as to how other people with similar or worst problems have been still living their life and even writing about it to tell others {read complete strangers} on blogs asking them to live on and even telling you how to do the same –  a tried and tested way of coming out to find solace. Some of them, their words are so catching enough to make you think about your own life.

Thank You to this very dear friend of mine Sheece, for making me sign up on word press and pushing me to finally blog which I was waiting to do ever since but was just acting lazy. I owe you one buddy.


RE – CLAIM Your Life Back – Its YOUR Life!

February 27, 2008

Adversities in life will come and go but once your life is gone, it doesn’t come back. It will never turn back and give you all those days and minutes and seconds that you have lost.
It will never turn around to give you back again those cherished moments that you would have otherwise spent in the arms of a loved one or in the company of those wonderful blessings that we call as friends.

Turn around and claim your life back, in spite of those adversities, it doesn’t matter what you are facing now – turn back and get your life back and live it for today. Adversities will always be a part and parcel and they will always be a temporary phase that will come and pass you by, but not your life, not the people you matter the most to you.

Stand up tall and take charge of your own life or somebody else will – my mentor said. Let the existent people know the importance they hold for you. Tell them you love them, show them that you care. You should find yourself being content.
Definitely work on finding solutions to what you are facing, but don’t lose out on people that matter to you. Don’t lose out on living the beautiful life that you already have which has just been fogged out by the ups and downs of life.

Be happy and make others happy around you. The most brilliant thing in my life is to watch my friends smile. I wish I could just sit back, watch and pass my life by watching all of them always have those enchanting smiles on their faces. They so make me live. So get your lost life back, your happiness back. No one else can do that except YOU.

The Art of Giving…

February 26, 2008

Giving is considered to be a very relative aspect in terms and comparison to the synonym of “Give and Take”. However, if we see a different perspective of just giving without an underlining aspect of “Taking”, would it work? And is it really possible for people to follow that thoroughly, through out, ardently everyday. Would it still achieve or have desired impact in changing / helping people during their times of need?

Something Debatable, isn’t it? My take on this and solely a personal opinion on this topic is that it’s possible. From the time, I have realized this aspect, I have personally practiced it, and it does work – but yes, I also cannot deny that this aspect though it has worked for the benefit of lot of people, it has also worked to a partial disadvantage for me as well. I have never lost out on anything major or had any significant losses but people do tend to misunderstand or probably take you for granted. But again, the end of the story has been that it gives me that inner satisfaction of doing something that helped someone at the end of it and seeing the same satisfaction in the form of results & outcome in that person’s life.

I have experienced the joy of just being there for people, some of them have been complete strangers to me and some have been friends. Though some strangers may have turned into friends; while there have been instances with some where my association with them was just for that brief period of giving them something and never seeing them ever again.

It also depends what would you signify as giving to people who need something from you and if you also unconsciously expect as little as a Thank You from them if nothing more than that. Giving could be just lending a helping hand for any tangible project or just as intangible as emotions, feelings or just being there in flesh & blood for the person in need.

Irrespective, initially when I started I did have my egos come in my way which were strong enough to make me stop being this saint of just giving and being there for people unconditionally and letting people at the end of it make out whatever they wanted of my actions. In my personal experiences and of those around me have made me feel and develop emotions for other people to make me see the other side of the coin. If you really believe from your heart and have this strong sense of this is what is right to be just a giver, you sometimes will be surprised at your own self as to how you would be able to counter your egos and keep them aside and be able to do what is actually right.

In today’s times, people really don’t think that you can be this honest to just give or help unconditionally, but they don’t realize that during that phase the real challenge turns into not what they are facing in front of them but its them itself to have such thoughts in their mind – since their focus is already shifted from the real problem to the person who is helping them.

In this practice there will also be some souls who will simply hate the fact that you have gone over board in giving them so much that they even start to hate your intentions so much so that they become prisoners in their own thoughts. Funny isn’t it? They will miss out on focusing on the strength they seem to be getting from you and will even forget what’s been troubling them.

So yes, in a lot of dimensions just giving has its ways of working for the best for a lot of people, but lets come to the point as to in all those scenarios above what does it do to the “GIVER”. Why would the giver just give and irrespective of some of the odds mentioned above still continue to and not stop? How does this change the givers life?

Personally, it has changed me and my life in a lot of ways. The fact that I believe in this and do practice it has in return given me a lot of strength to face odds in my personal life. So basically I have got a lot in return by giving itself. You cannot give till you understand and realize; what is it that the person is facing and what exactly is that the person needs? Also, if that person really needs what you think that person does need?

Tricky, but if you have just decided and made up your mind on being there and helping that person get through irrespective of the odds that you may face one may realize that it will automatically pave the way to give you, all your answers to understand the needs of the person. It will also open up avenues for you as a Giver to understand if you really have all that within you to give so much to that person all that he needs.

Everyone loves receiving and I am not an exception to this rule. I would love to receive all day long from whomever can give me what I want; however there are other joys as well which in turn can also be the giving fountain in your own personal life. In short, I have given myself something by giving others unconditionally.

An Under Rated World.

February 6, 2008

This one was something that I had been waiting to write ever since, however it just didn’t seem to materialize any sooner than today.

I switched to a new job closer to home effective April 2007. I travel by a cab to my work place and initially had to figure out the best route options that I would take to work.

After trying out different routes for a couple of days, I finally figured out a way much shorter, faster, absolutely no traffic and cheaper as well. However the flip side was that it meant traveling through one of those undiscovered narrow by lanes of Mumbai.

Enroute through those lanes where only one vehicle can pass either way at a time also exist some very small hutments where one can see women cooking food outside everyday, washing clothes, some one square feet shops selling tobacco and the likes.

But the only thing that caught my attention so much to make me write this blog are the commercial sex workers who are standing there everyday trying to earn their livelihood just like the others in that neighborhood.
Irrespective whether it’s 26th Jan or 15th August, they have no holidays – they are there practically every single day with that heavy make up and makeshift bra padding that so clearly stands out.

I was really inquisitive to pay attention to their faces to understand their emotions. To try and see if I really see them being content in what they do day in and day out. Others would remark that they are those who have no souls or rather they are the ones who have already sold their souls along with their physical self so they really wouldn’t have any emotions left in them.

True to that argument, from the last 9 months of my travel, I have just seen nearly all of them stand in that lane with a very cold stoned face. No expression, no depiction of any emotions at all. At the same time, I refuse to buy the non existence of feeling and emotions in them. For most of us, sex would be a very sacred, intimate involving feelings love, and caring aspects. Do people really think they that these commercial sex workers don’t know all this and never wished that they had the same in their life?

Yes, for most of them the stories or the reason why they got into this profession would be poverty, sold at a very young age by their very own parents, no other form of living due to lack of education, forced, abused or blackmailed and an end number of reasons can be laid down.

I am aware a lot has been written about them and lots of movies have been made to feature them highlighting this. But how far has anyone come in talking about their feelings and how they feel in what they do – day in or day out everyday. Whom do they go back and talk about their hard day at work to? Just because they seem to be in a less respectable profession than our’s; why would their emotions and thoughts get so under rated. Makes me wonder if they even treat each other as friends or do they have the same office politics that we face.

Do they make a completely different world by themselves?

A coin has two sides.

February 1, 2008

Every human being has two sides; an evil side and a very sweet and subtle side that we all would love to see every minute of the day.

The interesting bit is to see, how different can evil be in different people. Some people will usually start behaving mean out of the blue with their loved ones, while some wouldn’t even consider giving a second look to the others let alone being polite to strangers. Its fun isn’t it; to just shout at someone early in the morning in the bus and just to find a lame excuse of doing it as well.

There would be some who would get their evil pleasure by just being difficult or some while simply hanging up the phone abruptly. It’s funny to see some people who just get their evil side from the minute they get up in the morning and carry it till the end of the day. God bless all those innocent people who would have had to deal with such people during their day.

Kareena Kapoor showed her evil side in Jab We Met by calling her ex boyfriend and giving him a piece of her mind. So being evil can be hilarious as well. If there wouldn’t have been evil, we wouldn’t have really been able to differentiate between the good and the bad.

An observation, some people find solace in being evil, even if it’s for that temporary phase in their life. They seem to be those kinds to be happy if they shout at the rick guy in the morning and then be really sweet and coochie cooing with their boyfriends over the phone the next minute.

The evil side can in modern language be termed as “mood swings” or “having a bad day”, or “things are not going right in my life” or best I have ever heard “My life is always in a mess”.

The point is, that there exists an evil side in everyone and how often do you showcase it out in the open? And does it really help you to show case it in front of strangers? Or your loved ones?

How often other people bear the brunt of it and how often are you able to still get away with it. If you are really able to get away with it, then consider yourself lucky as lot of people the minute they showcase the strongest evil streak lose out on a lot of things that they have actually gained over a period of time.

A coin will always have two sides – if you choose to have the Heads side up or the Tails – is a choice one makes.