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What is Friendship?

October 10, 2009

image It is that feeling that ensures your survival in the most toughest of times.

Its that feeling which makes you secure that someone is there watching your back.

It is that surety, that you will not sink, but walk out of quick sand.

It is that fire in you, which makes you believe in your own self, when you would have just lost faith in everything else around you.

It has got me through the most toughest times in my life and has made me strong.

It has made me realize loads of things that otherwise I never would have felt.

Yes, it builds and makes you feel.  It makes that heart beat and puts your mind to rest.

Its a relation that believes in you. Its a relation that would make you believe in yourself.

It binds you to those who you feel close about. It makes you humble. It makes you grateful.

It is that unconditional love. It is that promise. It is that serenity. It is that blessing. It is the purest form of strong power that you could feel with someone close.

It’s Friendship!!!

Go On…comment what is Friendship to you???  What does it make you feel? What does it do to you as a person??



The Update On Sony Woes…

October 7, 2009


Sorry again folks, I am writing and updating this after a really long time. I have been traveling a lot lately which has led to my blog being ignored. I may be a little slow, but I will keep posting about the latest and exciting happenings of all my trips so far.

Coming back to the original topic for this post. Just to update and in continuation from my previous post of  “NEVER EVER BUY SONY!!”, its again taken them this long to come to a conclusion that the panel of my defective LCD cannot be replaced and it may just take them another 3 months to ship it if they decide to go that way.

So FINALLY, they have put in a requisition to replace the set with a new one – a new model all together which was just recently launched and near about the original cost of the LCD that we had bought earlier. The happy news also is that they have also advised us to return back the original part payment that we had made for the repairs of the defective LCD panel.

However, the twist has come where they have suggested that they will not be providing any guarantee on the new set..which seems to be a really odd one. If its a new set, I would really expect it to come with its warranty card. So now again the fight continues…

Is it important for every good news to be accompanied with a bad one after it?   They are going to being delivering the set today and we have just being on the phone, to ensure that the guarantee card comes along with the box and not minus it.

Geesh!!! Pray for once, that it all goes in the favor of the consumer.